Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Barrett's first week or so...

After we had our picture made by the Christmas tree they wheeled me back to our room.  It wasn't much longer that they let our families come in to see the baby.  He was under the heater so they just got to look at him.  I was so excited my whole family was there.  They just finished up Christmas and headed to the hospital.  When we were back in the room they immediately gave me morphine for pain (although I don't really remember being in any pain) and it almost immediately made me sick.  (I finally told them not to give me anymore pain medication until I was able to eat something.)  So while our families are giddy over the baby I'm hollering for a barf bucket.  I felt bad that they had to witness that, especially the kiddos.  My siblings left not long after I started vomiting (can you blame them) they all had other places to be for the holidays.  So it was just us and our parents.  His temp was finally up enough that the grandparents got to hold him.  I loved getting to see other people love my child.  I'm not sure how to describe the feeling.  You feel loved ten times over when someone loves your child. 
Patrick didn't leave his side all day it seemed like.

Nana & Barrett

Grandmamma & Barrett

I'll be honest the first few days were a bit of a blur.  We had lots of visitors in the hospital and we loved getting to show off our little man.  We had a nice stay, the nurses were great.  I was so thankful for all their help.  It was so nice to have someone to ask when we had stupid questions.  We had some trouble feeding while we were there.  Barrett did not want to nurse.  He'd rather sleep than do anything else.  Which I guess isn't really a bad thing.  His blood sugar kept dropping so they made us give him formula to keep it up.  I was so nervous that he was never going to nurse but so far so good.  We've had a few bad days but overall he seems to be getting it. 

I was going stir crazy in the hospital, I was so ready to get out of there.  They checked him out Friday morning and we found out him bilirubin was a little high so we were sent home on phototherapy.  I was so nervous at first but it wasn't that bad and he actually slept so good on it that I was sad to see it go.  A nurse came to our house Saturday and Sunday morning to check his weight and draw blood to check his bilirubin.  Monday we had to get out and go to the pediatrician's office but it worked out because I had to go to my Dr too.  I was so proud that we were early to our 10:15 appointment.  I felt like I'd run a marathon by the time we got home.  His bili numbers had dropped but they wanted us to keep him on the light until midnight.  Which worked out nicely since it was New Years Eve, we counted down to taking the baby off the light!  He slept pretty good that night, not as good as he did on the light.  The nurse came the next and told us that we didn't have to use the light but it wasn't going to hurt him so use them if we wanted.  We put him on it to sleep and that was pretty much it.  We've stayed in a pretty good eating every three hours.  We have to set an alarm and wake him up to eat, so I guess things could be worse.
Heading home.

Meeting his big sister.

Laying on the bili light.

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