Friday, January 11, 2013

We are (still) the Champions

Monday night we gathered at our usual National Championship watch spot to watch the Tide roll to repeat National Championships.  It was glorious.  We kid that if Matt ever sells his house we'll be like the bud light commercial, showing up to watch the big game just because that is what we've always done.  It was my first outing with Barrett by myself and I arrived about half way through the first quarter.  I missed the first touchdown but made it to see the rest of them.  
I'm so proud of my school and my team.  Do I wish they would have scored one of these titles while I was in school?  Sure.  But does that make me any less happy, no.  Am I jealous that of the 4+ years my little brother has been in school they've won 3 National Championships?  Yes.  But I'm still so happy he got to go  to Miami to see the win live.  

I think Barrett enjoyed his first National Championship.  

It was a great night spent with some of my favorite people.  It's so much fun being Champions again.  

ROll Tide!

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