Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Day

This past Tuesday the weathermen started throwing around the "snow" word for today.  I do the same thing every time they mention snow.  At first I don't believe all the hype, but it never fails by the day of the event I have completely bought into it.  I always get my hopes up and it usually doesn't deliver.  Today was no different. I went to bed last night (well actually around 3:00 this morning, when my baby decided he was ready to sleep) so excited for the snow.  It was supposed to start around here at 8:00am and be over by noon.  I was so happy because Patrick would be home and it should be clear for him to get to work around 2:00.
Well 8:00am rolled around and all we were getting was rain.  I was so mad at myself for believing it was going to do anything.  Around 10:00 it started snowing in Tuscaloosa so I thought maybe we'd still get some.  Finally, around noon it started snowing but it wasn't sticking to anything.  Patrick left for work and he called when he got there saying the roads were covered and it was snowing like crazy there.  It starting snowing huge flakes and sticking to everything here.  Our power even blinked a couple times.  I was beginning to think I should have gone to my parents house.  I wanted to take Barrett's picture in the snow but I didn't want to actually put him in the snow.  I thought I would settle for a picture in front of the window with the snow.
Ally loved watching it come down.

This wasn't going to cut it.  You couldn't see the snow outside!

So I went out to take a picture of the house like I always do.

I asked my sweet neighbor if she'd take a picture of us and she happily obliged.  So I ran in and bundled up the baby to see his first snow.

I think he liked it!
I was so sad Patrick had to go to work but I'm glad I was able to get a couple pictures of the kiddo. 

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Susan said...

Girl, I am glad you got that baby out there for a picture!! HE might not see it again for a couple of years!! I did the same thing to Cmapbell when she was a couple of months old and yesterday was her first time to see snow since then!!