Monday, May 5, 2014

Date Night with Lady A

We had a fun busy weekend.  Patrick told my Friday morning that he was going to be off Saturday and Sunday and I was so excited!  While I was at work I sent him a message saying we should have a family day Saturday and then have a date night Saturday night. Thankfully, Patrick accepted my offer!  Not long after that I realized that Lady Antebellum was going to be in town and the weather was going to be perfect for an outdoor concert.  We decided that's what we'd do!  We used to go to concerts a lot before we were married and Patrick worked crazy shifts so I was excited to relive our glory days.  Patrick's parents came to watch Barrett for us.  I didn't want to be obnoxious but I was so excited to get out and enjoy the fresh air with Patrick.  I think dates are important to a marriage.  We're so fortunate that we have both sets of grandparents so close and always willing to baby sit.  
We made our way to the venue  We got in, got a drink and found our seats just in time for Love & Theft.  I knew a couple of their songs.  Next up was Scotty McCreery.  I'm embarrassed to admit this but I had huge tears in my eyes when he sang the finale song from American Idol "Love you this Big".  You see, being a parent changes you.  I'm no longer able to just see things at face value.  While he was talking about his dreams of performing and how he's living his dream.  I couldn't help but think of his Mama.  I can't imagine what it's like to see your son's dreams coming true.  
It was a beautiful night.  So thankful this guy still wants to date me.

25oz lime-a-rita was a bad idea.  It made my stomach hurt.
There was a cute *young* couple on a date sitting next to us.  They were probably 21 or 22.  The guy offered to take our picture when he saw us struggling.  He was probably thinking, "aww poor old people that don't get out much".  I was thankful anyway.
I thought the show was so much fun.  
Fun car selfie, we were sitting in traffic.  I think I said make a funny face.  I was the only one that made a funny face.  We both couldn't wait to get home to Barrett, even though he was sound asleep and had been for hours.

Sunday Barrett and I got up and went to Mass then to my parents house for lunch.  My little brother's birthday was Sunday but mom made him a cake for Saturday night.  Barrett enjoyed a left over piece after lunch.

I'm backing up a bit to mention that this sweet poodle celebrated her 6th birthday Thursday.

We had our first session with Early Intervention today.  We have a lot of work to do but hopefully with our service coordinator's help we'll get Barrett caught up to where he needs to be.  We have his hearing test on Wednesday, hopefully it comes back normal.  This is Patrick's last week on 2nd shift, thank goodness!  We're ready to have Daddy home in the evenings!

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