Friday, July 18, 2014

Separation Anxiety

We've had a hard week this week.  Barrett has developed separation anxiety and it is hard on my mommy heart.  I think the reason it's so hard for me is because I know when he's crying all he wants is for me to stay with him and hold him, but I also know that giving in to him is only going to make things worse.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the extra snuggle time.  I breaks my heart to put him to bed and him just cry for me.  He usually only cries for a few minutes but it still hurts.  He also hasn't been sleeping good.  He chewed the end off his wubanub paci and I'm trying hard to not give in to buying him another one.  I did give him another paci but he doesn't love it.  I just want to hug and comfort my baby without making him overly attached and making it worse when I do have to leave him.  It's emotionally exhausting.  Patrick kept him a couple mornings this week and he cried when I left, which made me sad.  Then the days I had him he cried when I put him down for a nap and then again when I put him down for bed.  When he's not crying he's terrorizing the dog.  I feel like I've said "no" about a million times this week.  I'm not trying to complain or sound whinny.  It's just that this is one of the hardest weeks I've had lately as a mom.  
We had early intervention on Tuesday.  We were very pleased with his progress.  He sat for an entire book.  He's playing appropriately with toys and not throwing toys as often as before.  We also had our first session with the speech therapist.  She was pleased with how much he's babbling but she gave us a few things to work on.  We'll see them both again in two weeks.
Monday I let him use the spoon with his yogurt.  I think he needs a little more practice.
We've had an unusual cold front come through and it felt amazing this week.  So we've played outside and cooked with the doors open.

He looks like a little hoarder sometimes.  He gathers all of his animals and his cup and stacks them up on this push toy like it's a little cart.  It makes me laugh.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the extra snuggles I've gotten this week.  It's all been so bittersweet.  I want him to want to snuggle but then I also want him to be comfortable enough to not need me.
We also went and toured the "school" where he's going to start Mother's Day Out in August.  It's been a busy, fun week.  Looking forward to the weekend!

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