Tuesday, August 25, 2015

13 Weeks

I had big dreams of better quality pictures this time around.   Looks like it aint going to happen.  I meant to take this before I changed but clearly I didn't so ignore my sweatpants.

How Far Along: 13 weeks
Size of baby: The length of a pea pod.  (Around 3" long and almost an ounce)
Maternity Clothes: Some pants, still wearing flowy tops.  I don't want to wear anything that touches me right now.
Gender: We hope to find out September 11th.  We found out this week that my brother and sis-in-law are having a girl and one of my good friends is having a boy.  Like I said last week, we don't care either way, we're just ready to know.
Movement: None yet.
Sleep: Why won't my two year old sleep.  I think we're going to go ahead and move him to a big boy bed.  At this point we have nothing to lose.  No one is sleeping at our house.  I've been feeling completely overwhelmed this week just thinking about life with a toddler and a newborn.  Sleep is the one thing that stresses me the most.
What I miss: Everything and nothing.  I know I'm only 13 weeks in, but this pregnancy has been harder on me physically than my last.  I'm sure carrying an extra 30 pounds this time around isn't helping.  I miss feeling like myself.  I'm trying to remain positive and know that it will all be worth it. 
Symptoms:  I've been sick this week.  I've thrown up several times and I'm not sure if it's more pregnancy or more sinus drainage related but it's been rough.  I've been absolutely exhausted.  I'm sure it has to do with  not getting as much sleep as I'd like.
Best Moment this week:   Last week in my first trimester.  Finding out what some of these babies are.  Celebrating Patrick's birthday.  Finishing a big job at work.
(I'm going to add comparison shots every four weeks.  Honestly, it's taking everything I have to get these posts up each week.  I'm afraid if I try to add too much I'll never get them done.  I think I can manage every 4 weeks.)

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