Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Horton House Daily: Week 34

Week 34 has come and gone...lets see what we were up to.
Day 231:  Barrett is really in to Mr. Potato Head these days.  I love it.  

Day 232:  We had a quiet night at home celebrating Patrick's 34th birthday.  Barrett always asks for a balloon at the store and I always say no.  So I surprised them with one for Patrick's birthday.  
Day 233:  Barrett and I went to watch Harper cheer and Porter play football.  We've been watching preseason NFL and replays of college games from last year and he's been really into the games.  He could not take his eyes off the cheerleaders while they were practicing.  It was so funny.
Day 234:  This boy loves his bike.
Day 235:  A little sample of what we've been working n lately at the office.
Day 236:  It was so pretty so I moved my office outside and Barrett thought it was the greatest thing ever.  Only bad thing is now he thinks we should be outside all day everyday.

Day 237:  We celebrated our only dog left for National Dog Day.  

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