Friday, August 7, 2015

The Horton House Daily: Week 31

It's Week 31 folks.  And to top it off I'm getting this posted on Friday.  I feel like I am really on top on things.  Don't mind that I haven't cooked all week and my house looks like its been ransacked but by golly this post is going to be posted only a day late.  (not to mention I'm up to my eyeballs in yeti cups that need to be etched at work).
Day 210:  Barrett has a balance bike at work and he's getting so good on it.  I've started calling him Evil Knievel because to stop he just hits the wall.
Day 211: Princess Ally was ignoring me while I was ignoring the mess behind her.

Day 212:  Snuggling with my sweet boy before bed in matching pjs.
Day 213:  Mom and I went to a baby tea and Barrett stayed with my dad.  My dad can get him to sleep on the couch.  So he took a couch nap while we were gone.

Day 214:  Patrick has been working 12 hour shifts/ 6 days a week for the last two weeks.  Barrett was trying to stay awake to see him but he didn't make it.
Day 215:  We had a fun girls night in Huntsville at the Dancing With the Stars Live! show.  It was so much fun.  I loved the show and the live show.  We were originally planning on spending the night but It didn't work out for me and Jessica so we had to drive back home.  The drive wasn't too bad but I was dragging Wednesday.

Day 216:  I spent most of the evening reading through old blog posts.  The SEC road trips are some of my favorite posts.
We're looking forward to the next few weeks.  We've got some fun stuff coming up and then it'll be time for football!

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