Monday, July 3, 2017

Independence Day Pregame

We've had the best weekend leading up to the July 4th holiday.  It's always a little weird when the day off is in the middle of the week but we've made the most of it.  Friday night we planned to go to the movie in the park but it got rained out.  So instead we went to the Moore's house and grilled out and the boys played.  We stayed up way to late and laughed way to much.  It was much needed and it felt so good.  Saturday, Patrick got up and went to a job and I did all the laundry.  It was as much fun as it sounds.  We decided we'd go to Mass Saturday night and then went to dinner after.  We haven't been out to eat as a family of four too many times.  AveryAnn was fussy and not happy all through Mass and then while we were decided where to eat.  We almost decided to just get take out and go home but Barrett kept saying "I want to eat at the place."  He didn't care what place, he just meant he wanted to go in the restaurant.  So we went in and it was actually fun.  AveryAnn was good and Barrett was too.  It was a fun family night out. 

We woke up Sunday and headed to the lake for the day!  It was so much fun! We had the best time sitting around talking and watching the kids play.
Not sure why Patrick didn't make the picture but here's a picture of me and my babies!

Barrett & Jackson rode in that paddle boat all day.  I remember when my Granddaddy bought that paddle boat.  I wasn't much older than Barrett.  We've made a lot of memories in that little blue boat.  I know my granddaddy would be so proud to see his great grandkids enjoying it too. 

Barrett with those goggles owns me. 

Love this one of some of the "big" cousins with the little cousins.

We had a little rain and I thought I'd just wait it out under the pop-up tent.  Lets just say the rain picked up as did the volume.  We laughed and laughed. 

My uncle took this "selfie" of everyone in the tent.  He's not in any of the pictures.  We tried to explain that to make it a selfie he had to be in the picture. 

It was a fun time for sure.  We're thinking about making tshirts "tent survivors".

These two swam all day long.  They cried when it was time to get out and go home.  I'm hoping we can go back and spend the night this summer at least once. 

We came home got baths and crashed.  We're looking forward to the 4th of July with friends and then vacation this weekend!

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