Friday, July 7, 2017

July 4th

We came home from the lake Sunday night and started getting ready for the week.  Patrick was off Monday, but I had to work.  That night Barrett and I read our 100th book of the summer!  We were so proud.

Tuesday, we headed to the Davis' house to swim with friends.  The weather was a little spotty but we had a really fun day!
My girl and me! 
The boys swam in the rain.  They thought it was so great!

Brittany gave AveryAnn piggy tails.  They were so cute!

I love this picture of Patrick and AveryAnn.

I didn't get many pictures of Barrett.  He was too busy doing flips off the diving board.  This was the second swimming trip he's gone off the diving board and he was doing flips.  He saw one of the dads do a back flip and he walked up and turned around and did a back flip.  We were all shocked.  Even the other moms because they remember last summer when he would barely get off the steps.  Well one of the boys got wind that I could do a back flip so I was peer pressured by a bunch of 4 year olds to do one.  I did it a few times and when I came up Barrett said, "I'm so proud of you mommy, you did so good!".  Hopefully I secured my spot as a cool mom.  We had the best time watching him.  He swam for probably 8 hours.  He wanted to do one more back flip and when he did he hit his back on the board.  He of course cried and I know it hurt, but then he was so sweet and asked if he could go just one more time. You know we let him because I didn't want him to be scared and he did a front flip.  We were so proud that he did it again and wasn't scared.

These boys were so sweet.  We missed a few of our friends but we had so much fun!

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