Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wednesday Weigh-IN: Week 6

We're just trucking along these days, not too much to report.  I had another party this weekend.  (I feel like we have at least one occasion to eat cake each week.)  I resisted the cake! I went to HIIT three times last week and I've gotten to go once this week.  Hopefully, I'll get to go tomorrow night too.  (I've got a sick kid, and a husband that's on call and working late pretty much every day).  I'm really enjoying working out again.  I'm down one size in shorts and pants and that feels way better than any cake tastes.  I'm kind of in between where my pants are too big but I don't want to buy any.  I guess that's a good problem to have, so I'm not complaining.  I am planning myself a little cheat meal this week for my birthday.  I really just want a margarita and a cupcake :) .  I'm still trying to mentally disassociate food with celebrating but I feel like it's okay every now and then.  The problem is when every, single day there's some sort of celebration and the opportunity to over indulge.
Now for this weeks weigh-in:
I'll take it.  My goal was to be 170 by the end of July.  I've got a few more days, not sure if I'll make it since I planned a cheat day but that day it worth it to me.  I've reached the 30lb mark from my highest weight this year which feels really good.  I've got less than 40lbs to lose to reach my goal and that feels very obtainable!
Not much different in inches this week but that's to be expected.
Waist- 36" (no change)
Chest- 42" (-1")
Hips- 39.5" (no change)
I only lost 1" but that's one more inch gone, so I'm happy!

Thanks for following along.  I've received so much encouragement from this little space and I appreciate it so much.  I hope that maybe I can also be an encouragement to anyone that just needs a little push to get started.  My advice is commit to a week.  You can do anything for 1 week.

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