Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekend Fun

We had a fun, uneventful weekend.   It was just what we needed.  Patrick had to work some but the kids and I got caught up around the house.
Thursday, I picked Barrett up from school and we went to get a sno cone.  AveryAnn wore her smocked sno cone outfit for the occasion.

He was very excited about his first trip to Sno Shack.  (It was called Sno Biz when I was in school.  Most everyone still calls it that but I really like Sno Shack so I've adopted the new name.)

Friday we went to the library. (We've really slowed down with our reading but we're still loving our weekly trips to the library)  We found two painted rocks and Barrett was so excited.  He re-hid one and kept one.  We were supposed to go watch Moana in the park but the weather did not cooperate so we watched it in the basement instead.  Elizabeth and Clay stopped by and watched it with us.  Then a guy I went to high school with was fighting in the Bellator MMA fight on SpikeTV so we watched him.  (He won!)

Saturday morning Patrick went to work and we did laundry.  Fun, fun stuff.
His first job was at my friends house and she sent me this picture of her boys watching Patrick work.  I thought I was so cute!

Saturday evening, the Hortons had everyone over to celebrate my birthday.  She will not let your birthday pass without having cake and singing.   Patrick is on call the weekend before and after my birthday so we celebrated a little early.
The cake was so cute!

AveryAnn couldn't take her eyes off of it.

Sunday we got up and went to Mass and then to lunch at my parents house.  We had a good time and then I left the kids to go to a workout class.  Where I thought I might die.  I've never thrown up at a workout class and I immediately got sick when this was over.  Yall, it was only a 30 minute class.  It kicked my tail.  The instructor was in my class when I did bootcamp and he was so encouraging. I'm so glad I went and plan to go a few times a week. 
AveryAnn wouldn't take a nap for my parents but she curled up in my lap and went to sleep.  This doesn't happen very often so I soaked it up.

This is just funny.  My mom has the stuffed bunnies that she sits in little rocking chairs.  Well AveryAnn can't stand for them to be in the rocking chair because she likes to sit in the rocking chair so she always immediately throws them in the floor.  Well yesterday she got the bunny's pants and took them to my mom like she wanted to wear them. So my mom put them on her, and she wore them around the rest of the afternoon.  We laughed and laughed.
It was a great weekend, today Barrett and I both had dentist appointments.  One of us had a cavity and one of us didn't.  Surprisingly I was the one without.  Yay me!

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