Monday, August 10, 2009

One year ago today...

Okay well not actually today but this past Saturday marked the one year anniversary of the day I brought Ally home to live with Patrick and me. Yes I know she is only a dog but you have to understand...she is like a child to me. I could not have asked for a better companion (besides my husband of course!). My reasoning behind getting a little inside dog was the fact that Patrick works nights and I wanted some company. The big dogs stay outside and they shed so badly that we can't let them in. So I wanted a little dog to watch TV with me while Patrick was at work. She has been so much more than that! Even Patrick loves this little dog. He takes her out in the morning for me. He even lets her sleep in the bed with us. He used to try to hide the fact that he cuddles with her and talks to her but after I caught him several times he has given up and now just admits he loves her. He never had an inside dog growing up so I don't think he knew quite what to expect. I'll just leave you all with a few photos of her year with us!
Ally's first day at our house. This was right after we got her home!Her first haircut!Watching her first Bama game!First trip to the lake!In Tuscaloosa on gameday! First HalloweenOn the quad...Thanksgiving day! (Our Christmas Card photo)In front of the tree.
Family photo Christmas EveHer first snowAlly and daddy. He loves her!At the lake Spring Break!In her Easter dress
1st birthdayLake Fourth of July

Her cousin BellaThis was taken Saturday. One year after we brought her home!

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