Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's new in my world?

I know that I've mentioned my love of photography here and shown yall my new camera. Well this summer I decided to take a class on Basic SLR Photography at Samford University. They have a really awesome, affordable program called Samford after Sundown. It lasted for six weeks and I really feel like it was worth the money. I want to take some more classes but will have to wait till after Christmas.
These are just a few of the images I shared with the class!

Speaking of Christmas...I started looking at cards this week online. I know it's only August! Did you know you can get them for nearly half off this time of year. So this weekend I am making Patrick go ahead and take our photo for the card so that I can get them ordered. Also at my office we've started addressing all sorts of things with this awesome machine that actually writes the addresses on the envelopes with an ink pen but it is led by the computer so you can do pretty much any font. We did my bosses, step-daughter's wedding invitations last week and they look awesome. So if you know anyone getting married or needing anything addressed (like Christmas cards, or birth announcements) let me know. We are charging $1.oo per envelope ($2.00 for wedding invitations b/c they are 2 envelopes). We require that your list be typed and we will need roughly %10 more envelopes (b/c we will mess up getting the line up set). If you would like to see a sample that can be arranged just let me know!

Football is just right around the corner. I'll have a big post coming up about that . Over at Alabama Bloggers there will be a carnival going on next week to show your team colors. You can write about anything. I plan on doing a tailgate review! I'm super excited!

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