Thursday, June 10, 2010

Benton, Alabama: Population 52

Saturday, my sister and I got the grand tour of Benton!  My cousin Bullet's wife, Susan,  grew up there.  They actually live in the house she grew up in.  I think that is so neat!  It seemed like a lot of the people lived there when Susan was growing up or their kids now live there too.   When we were going to bed Friday night I told my sister that I wanted to raise my kids there.  She said I'd better go ahead and buy a house cause if you don't grab one up you have to wait for someone to die before another one will become available.  Kind of sad, but kind of true!  On to the tour!
Elizabeth and our beautiful tour guide Meredith. 
The turn to Benton Park.  I love the moss in the trees!
The Alabama River
Logan's Curve.  Not sure why it's called that.  The little dirt road straight ahead leads to the creek.  It was to muddy to go out there in the golf cart.
The Methodist Church I think.  They have a congregation of 50-60 people and they meet at this church for Sunday school each week.  Then each week they go to a different church (all 50-60 people).  It's something like two Sundays the go to the Methodist church, one Sunday they meet at the Baptist church and one Sunday at the Presbyterian church.  I'm not sure of the exact days but it something like that.
The Echo Shed.  Not really sure what is was about the kids call it the Echo Shed because you can drive in a yell and it echoes.  It smelled like the zoo and they were storing some hay!
Meredith said this was the old post office.  However, Bullet said it was the old Train depot and they've recently moved to this spot. 
This is Susan's grandparents house.  It is beautiful under all the greenery!
This is Becky's pond. 
Bullet and Susan have chickens in their backyard.  I actually woke up to roosters. 
These were all taken at the town pool.  Top left is Milton, Right is Matthew, and below is all three of the kids.  Aren't they beautiful!
Me and Elizabeth with the kids!
Elizabeth, Bullet and me showing off Bullet's National Championship gear!
I love these two pictures.  Holly, (the dog) wanted to ride so bad.  She grabbed her ball and jumped right on.
Susan and Meredith heading back to the pool as we were getting ready to head out!
We saw this rainbow on the way home.  I thought it was pretty!

I love the small town feel.  I always thought I grew up in a small town but Gardendale is nothing like Benton.  We at least have a Wal-Mart.  They have to drive to Selma (it's only 20 minutes away).  Everyone knows everyone and they all look out for each other and each others kids.  There is a sense of pride in the community and I love that! 
Thanks Bullet and Susan for letting us hang out in Benton.  We loved it and can't wait to come back!

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