Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was one of those where you feel really busy but didn't really do anything!  A lot of sitting and eating away from home!
  • First off, Thursday night I went to my first Spin class.  Let me just say that I did not enjoy it.  It's just not for me.  I need more variety.  Some people really enjoy it...I'm not one of those people.  I'm glad I tried it but I don't think I'll be doing it again. 
  • After Spin I went to my parents and my cousins from Lakeland came over to visit again before they had to go back home.  Here are a few photos from the night.
Fallon & Tobie.  Drew & Peyton.  Sweet Porter.
John, Patrick, and Patrick.  Ally after eating some mac & cheese!
  • Friday night they were showing "We Are Marshall" at the outdoor movie at the civic center and my parents hadn't seen it so Ally and I went and watched it with them.  It had rained that afternoon and there was a breeze blowing, it was just a really nice night to hang out outdoors (a welcomed change from what it has been).
  • Saturday was the summer launch for the fitness classes at the civic center so I went and tried out BodyCombat.  Let me tell you...yesterday and today I feel like someone has beaten the crap out of me.  I really enjoyed the class though. 
  • Saturday afternoon I went to my mother-in-laws for lunch with her sisters and nieces for a birthday.  They get together for each other's birthdays.  I don't always get to go but I did this time and I really enjoyed it. I ended up staying for dinner too.  I ate way, way, way to much and was so stuffed when I left.  I was miserable but it was all so good!
  • Sunday was church and family lunch.  Then I went to a baby shower for a friend from high school.  It was nice to see everyone. 
  • After the baby shower I took Drew and Ava to see Toy Story 3.  It was a ordeal but we made it.  My sister was supposed to go with us but had overbooked her Sunday so she didn't get to go.  We missed her but had a blast. 
  • When I got home Patrick had started ripping up the carpet in the den downstairs.  That was the only room in the house that had not been painted when we bought the house so we are going to paint it and decided to go ahead and do the floors to.  We were going to put down tile but we know several people that have painted the concrete so I think that is what we are going to do.  I'm so excited to get that room in order.  We have tons of Alabama and Auburn stuff waiting to be put on the walls.  Hopefully by the start of football season we'll have it all ready to go! 
I think that is all.  I wish I'd had a picture of Ally at the movie Friday night.  She actually sat in my lap and watched until she went to sleep.  It was pretty hilarious.  I also wish I'd had a picture of the kids yesterday at the movie they were so excited (as was I).  Oh well!  I've got a busy week this week getting ready for the 4th this weekend! I can't wait!

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