Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

*Sorry this is just now going up! I meant to do it at work but got side tracked..go figure!
It's Wednesday! Yay! I love short weeks!  Today I start Bootcamp!!! I'm taking it with a group of 10 people.  I'm not real sure what to expect!  I'm really nervous.  I haven't done any sort of organized physical activity since I cheered in high school 7 years ago!  The first class we have to do a bunch of physical fitness tests to see where we stand as a class!  I'm going with my friend Carla. I think we will be fine but I do need to dig out my tennis shoes since I haven't worn them in almost a year!
Now for the scale...I'm pretty sure the holiday caught up with me this week!

UP 1.6lbs from last week.  I'm disappointed in myself but I'm not going give up!  I'm hoping the bootcamp class tonight will give me the motivation I am lacking!

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