Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

I had to run a mile and time it for my boot camp class this week.  I did it in 12 minutes.  Not great but not to bad either.  I probably could have done it faster.  I was with my little brother and we were talking and laughing which makes it a little difficult to run at full speed (not that I could run the whole thing at full speed anyway)!  The scale is looking better.  I am really trying to eat better.  I can tell by energy level if I'm eating what I should or not.   Which the main thing is drinking water.  I hate water.  I love sodas..I wish I'd never had one so I wouldn't know what I was missing! 
And here's the scale for this week.
Down 2.4lbs from last week.  I do feel better this week even after the minimal exercise I've done.  I love the energy I get from exercising...I hate the actual exercising itself.   

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