Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun for all...

This weekend was a jam packed one.  Friday night I enlisted the help of my best friend and painter extraordinaire to help me get our basement den painted.  It was the only room in the house that was not freshly painted when we bought our house.  It desperately needed it.  We had already decided that we were going to rip up the carpet and stain the floor but we wanted to paint first.  I love the color I finally chose.  I'm going to wait to show after pictures until we get the floors done too.  I'm excited to finally get this room finished and hopefully start enjoying it more.  We didn't go to sleep until 6 Saturday morning.  Patrick was already home from work.  It was fun though. 

Saturday I went to a wedding with my parents and sister and had a blast.  It was at our church and it was so pretty.  That totally transformed our parish hall and it looked amazing.  Patrick picked me up from there and we were headed to a local bar to hear his buddies band play. We had a blast.  We ran into so many people.  We spent the day Sunday recovering from Friday and Saturday night.  We went to get Ally from my parents house and had dinner with them. 
Modeling our dresses that daddy picked out for us!  Thanks dad!
My date for the wedding Ezra.. He was sitting by me when everyone started dancing and he said, "You want to dance with me?"  How precious is that.
Me and Carla at Homefield.
Patrick, me, Allison and Thomas (Patrick brother and sister-in-law)
Christen, Me and Kelsey, some of my sister's friends that I ran into! So fun!

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