Saturday, August 28, 2010

Perfect Friday Night

Most of you will probably think this the making for a pretty boring Friday night but it was right up my alley.  Patrick has been on day shift this week! Yay!  So he was off last night for the first Friday night off since I can't tell you when. (Well it was actually while we were in Chicago, but before that I have no idea!)  So we went to Academy Sports so I could get some new running shorts and Patrick wanted to look at all the hunting stuff since hunting season will be here before we know it!  After that we went to Target!  I had to get a birthday gift for Patrick's niece Sarah who is having a birthday today.  She's turning 7.  I can't believe how fast all the kids in my life are growing up!  I also had to get a few groceries to tie us over till this Friday when I do our big grocery trip!  We had a blast.  I now know why I don't let Patrick go to the grocery store.  We went in to get a few things like milk, cereal, bread, and dog food.  We came out with that plus oreos, oatmeal cream pies (the breakfast of champions, no seriously that is what Nick Saban eats for breakfast every day!), popcorn, and two bags of chips.  We grabbed some fast food for dinner and headed home.  We also hung some doors in the basement room.  We ended the night watching Sideline to check out all the high school football scores. (I'm serious when I say we love football!).
See I told you it all sounded pretty boring...but we never get to do simple things like go to the store together on a Friday night.  Now I'm catching up on laundry and getting ready to head to the skating rink for Sarah's birthday party.  I can't decide if I'm going to skate or not!  I really want to but I don't want to hurt myself!

And because no post in complete without a's one of my sweet baby!

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