Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roll Tide!

It's no secret around here that I'm a Bama girl and as you know we are approximately 4 days away from kickoff of the 2010 football season.  Which means it's time for Alabama Blogger's annual Score for your Team blog carnival.

I had a blast participating in the carnival last year, (you can read that post here.)  I'm so excited to participate this year but I realized I pretty much covered everything about out tailgate experience in last years post! Ha!  So just talk about this past season, well I fell like I've talked about that enough already on the blog.   You an check out the highlights Here, I posted my favorite memories from the 2009 National Championship Season.
I guess I will just share what I'm looking forward to the most this season. 
  • Seeing Coach Sabans statue at the walk of champions.
  • Catching up with everyone that I feel like I haven't seen since last season.
  • Food!  I love tailgate food.  I love planning the themes each week and seeing (tasting) what everyone brings.
  • Seeing the team run on the field for the first game.  I get chills every time!
  • Planning what I'm going to wear each week.  Starting in June every year it seems like I only buy clothes that will be appropriate on game days!
  • Winning!!!  The team was in such a slump when I was a student.  Each year we'd feel the promise of a winning season only to have our hopes trashed at some point (usually sooner rather than later).
I'll be recapping the games and tailgate each week.  So make sure to come back and check that out!
Roll Tide!

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Rachel said...

Great post!! Thanks for scoring for your team! I'm trying to figure out my gameday clothes too, but it's a bit harder being nearly six months pregnant...but it's coming along!