Saturday, January 15, 2011

Date Night

What does...

Date Night

Last night Patrick and I got to go on a little date.  I know that you're thinking Hooters...really on a date.  Yes, really!  Have you had their Chocolate Cake.  I'm convinced that's what brings the women in there.  and I love their wings.  I know it's cliche but the food really is good!   We had a great time.

  First we went to the movie.  I'd heard Little Fockers wasn't very good but we thought we'd give it a try anyway.  Bad idea.  It wasn't very good at all.  Like I wouldn't recommend paying $1 to see it.  We enjoyed just getting to go see a movie together.  I know we're lame.  I was just so excited to have Patrick home on a Friday night.  (now I'm not going to lie...I {kind of} enjoy having him gone on the weeknights when I get to run to remote all by myself).  After the movie we went to Hooters.   We had both been wanting Hooters all week.  This was the first time we'd ever been just the two of us.  Patrick was so excited that ESPN was replaying the Championship game while we were there.  I told him that if he'd ever just sat and watched a football game on TV {one that he'd already seen no doubt} while we were on a date before we got married...he'd still be dating.  (I guess that was kind of harsh but it was true)!  We laughed a lot about how different we both acted while dating compared to married life.  I guess it's good we can laugh about it!  In another 3 years we'll probably be laughing at how we acted last night.  I love that we still enjoy simple things together. 
Tonight we have a hot date planned.  Planning a menu for the rest of the month, making a grocery list and heading out to the store. Pretty exciting, huh!  I know you're all so jealous! :)

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