Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

I remember snow days as a was not much different!  Beside that fact that I was the one at WalMart getting bread and milk instead of my mom (for the record we did use the bread to make grilled cheese sandwiches for our chili but I think we would have survived without them).  My big brother woke me with an early morning phone call instead of a snow ball (which was a lot drier and more pleasant).  They'd seen a deer in their yard, he was so excited! I think he was more excited than the kids!  I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast then we got bundled up and headed out! 

We let Sam and Gracie out first and they were so excited!  Sam loved for us to make snowballs and throw them for him.  He caught most of them in his mouth!

We got the four-wheeler out and started surveying the neighborhood! It was indeed a winter wonderland! The roads were slick and slushy!  We road down to turkey creek to see how bad the bridge was.  It was pretty slick.  I hiked down to the water with my camera in tow while Patrick acted like a little kid riding doing doughnuts on the bridge!  I was in heaven, so was he!  We went back to the house to start the chili for lunch!  I loved watching all the neighbors play and build snowmen!  This is when Patrick realized that ESPN was already counting down to the big game tonight.  So he was pretty much done with the snow for today!  I did manage to get him out again for an afternoon ride!

After that we came in, ate lunch, built a fire and took naps!

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Missy said...

Snow is the best! Beautiful picture below