Monday, December 19, 2011

4th Annual Gingerbread House Competition

Saturday night we all met at Mom & Dad's for the 4th annual gingerbread house competition.  This year the boys decided to get in on the action (they quickly realized it's not as easy as it looks).  This has become one of my favorite traditions!
Porter was so excited!

Harper just wanted to eat the candy!


Porter with his finished house.

We decided to give my parents their present early.  Their tv stopped working about a month ago and they've been watching a 19" all this time.  So we surprised them with a new tv.  They were thrilled. 

John and Hope working hard.

Drew was taking a break.
I think Elizabeth was praying for inspiration. 

The new tv.
Mom's new ornament.  Hallmark was starting a new 12 days of Christmas series this year so my sister got mom the first one.
My parents decided to add a level of difficulty to the competition this year.  We were given a bag with a coffee filter, a wine cork, a plastic spork or fork and and weird paper clip thing that we had to incorporate in our design.  It was tough. 
My design.  I was so excited with how it turned out. 

Ava's house with a pool!

My big brother gave up.

Drew's Christmas Luxury House.

Elizabeth's Christmas Campout.  Somehow she always manages to have an awesome house when she comes with no plan. 
John's 1997 Z17 Stepside.  His was really good!

Kristen's Santa Claus is coming to Town

Leslie's design called Porter's Chicken farm.

Drew and Porter's.  Porter had already started eating the candy off of his.

Clay's President's Mansion.

Hope's White Christmas in Dixie

Harper watching us play Wii

Patrick and Leslie and Hosea were exhausted.

It was such a fun night!  I always enjoy spending time with my family.  It's becoming harder and harder the older we get but I hope that we always make a point to spend this time together each year.

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