Friday, December 23, 2011

Slovensky Family Party

I've had a full day and night.  I got up and cleaned house. I love having a clean house, just hate having to actually clean it.  After the house was clean I got ready and Lorie picked me up to meet Kristen for lunch.  I had not seen Lorie or Ellie in a month.  I'm not even sure it was the same baby.  She looked so much bigger and was smiley the whole time.  She fell asleep while we were waiting on our food, I just loved holding her.  After lunch we went by my parents house.  My mom had not seen her yet and had a little gift for her. I loved getting to spend the day with them.  Hopefully it won't be another month before I see her again!  Can you believe I didn't take a single photo? I know I'm a real slacker. 
After my visit with the girls, it was time for the Slovensky Family Christmas party.  Patrick had to work so I rode with mom and dad.  It was fun as usual.  This is the only photo I took at that party.  (I really need to get my butt in gear, this can not set the tone for the Christmas photos to come!)
My cousins Andrew and Adam.  I only get to see Andrew once a year.  He lives in southern Florida and works all the time.  When I was a kid these guys seemed so much older than me.  Now not so much!

On our way home Dad took us looking at Christmas lights but it was 11:30 and most were turned out for the night.
Day 355

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