Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa's Workshop

Tonight we made our annual pilgrimage to the Bass Pro Shop to have the kids picture made with Santa.  We always make a night of it and the kids always have a blast. 
I can't believe how big these kids are getting.  Drew is now officially taller than me.  Not that I'm tall but it's still weird to look your nephew in the eye.  He's 11! 
Day 344
Harper loved Santa.  She would have sat and talked to him all night if we'd let her! 
Patrick was making fun of me cause I always have to have Ally in the photos so he grabbed a stuffed animal to be in our photo.   
Mom and Dad with the grandbabies. 
Us again. Mom likes to use my camera so I take advantage of having someone to take our picture!
We were getting ready to leave and Porter wanted to play with the race cars one more time so we went over to Santa's workshop.  While we were watching Porter, Harper kept waving at Santa so he waved her to come see him again.  She ran up to him and climbed in his lap and just started talking to him.  It was actually really cute!  So she got her picture made with him by herself. 
When Porter saw that Harper got to see Santa again he had to go see him too. They were so sweet.
This is one of my favorite family traditions.  Just for kicks here are the past two years photos...




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