Friday, December 30, 2011

New Ornaments

I know I've mentioned time and time again my love for ornaments.  I love the story they tell about my childhood and now my adulthood.  I get several new ones each year and I like to keep track of them.  Some of these you've seen some you haven't but I wanted to have them all in one place.
The poodle I got after Christmas because it reminded me of my sweet Ally Bama.

These cute gingerbread ones were from the annual Sister's ornament swap with Patrick's aunts and sisters.

Our Barbie and Ken from my parents.

I got this cute one from Babo.  I love it.

This beautiful cross is from Aunt Pam. 

These four were from Patrick's parents.  I just love them.

The house divided ball for the downstairs tree.  I'm so glad I finally figured out who makes these.  Coton Colors. Now I really want all of them. 

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