Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This & That

I've been trying to get things caught up at home tonight since it will be the only night home till Monday night. There is a lot of fun to be had this weekend!
Patrick had to leave before me this morning so I took advantage and made up the bed.  I used to make up my bed every single day.  When Patrick started working nights it was a lost cause, he is usually in it before I leave. The bedroom is still lacking some decorative touches. 

Ally was so sweet the other night before we left to go somewhere.  She knew we were getting ready to head out so she snuggled up to me in hopes that she'd get to go.  For the record, she didn't get to go.  She looked pretty cute though.

The other night Brittany and I headed to Gigi's.  It'd been a while since our last trip.  It did not disappoint.  Then we headed over to the mall.  As expected, it was a zoo.

Day 353
After bragging about finishing my Christmas list, I realized I hadn't gotten Patrick anything.  I know worst wife ever.  We aren't doing big gifts this year but I still need to get him something.  So guess who'll be doing some last minute shopping tomorrow. yay.

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