Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teaching the Bulldawgs to Behave

Also known as Porter's first Bama game.
We had a great day of family, friends, food and football.  I also got to share my love for Alabama with Ava and Porter. Ava has been to a couple of games but Porter had never been.  He wasn't supposed to get to go Saturday but when he got his own shaker and insisted he was going to the ballgame we knew there was no denying him.  We started our walk to the stadium (mom went with us just in case we could find him a ticket) he was so excited when he saw the stadium.  We found him a ticket fairly quickly so he was going to the game.  I didn't get to sit with him at first.  Kristen, Ava, and I sat in our normal seats in the upper deck.  Half way through the first quarter we got a text saying there were some seats by my dad so we headed down there. Porter kept saying he saw a bear...it was actually the bulldog mascot.  I guess we need to work on his animals!  He quickly learned when to shake his shaker.  It was so sweet.  I know my dad was so excited to share this experience with him.  He finally fell asleep in the 4th quarter.  We had to take turns carrying him back to the house because he is so heavy. 
Here he is climbing the tree out front.

That smile melts my heart!

Me and Amy watching Georgia and Auburn.  (Georgia was winning at this point)

My sweet Ava.  She was so excited to go to the game and that Porter got to go!

He was not excited for me to be holding him, kissing him and having his picture made.

My bestest friends.  I love this picture of us!

My dad decided to take some random candids.  I love this one. 
Porter and his ticket. 

Ava was scared because we were up so high.

I asked a really sweet lady behind us to take their picture with the field behind them.  Porter was so shy he wouldn't show his face. 

Such a fun time.

He was out.  Dad was yelling and cheering and he never moved!

Ava, Benjamin, and Matthew.  Matthew is the oldest, Ava is 3 months younger than him and Benjamin is 3 months younger than Ava. 
It was such a nice night for football.  The team looked better than they have. One of my favorite parts of the game was when they showed the troops overseas watching the game live.  I couldn't help but get emotional every time they showed them.  We are so blessed to have men and women that risk their lives everyday for our freedom.  
 All in all the weekend was a success! 
Roll Tide Roll
Alabama 30Mississippi State 10

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