Sunday, May 5, 2013

Birthdays & Cereal

Friday night we headed to On Tap with my brothers and sister-in-law and future sister-in law for my little brothers birthday (got that?). We had a nice time visiting together.  My brothers both really like hot stuff, My older brother ordered some kind of really hot burger.  Like so hot the server warned him that most people don't finish it.  He eats hot sauce on everything so he really didn't think it would be that bad.  Well he only ate half the burger and I thought he was going to cry eating it.  I could smell it from across the table.  I just realized there was really no point to that story except I guess take the server's advice when she tells you that you really don't want to order something.
The night was exactly how I always pictured my adult life.  Hanging out with my siblings at dinner with our spouses.  I missed my sister maybe the next time they're home we can all hang out together.
Barrett did really good considering it was his bedtime.
I think Patrick has been watching to much Duck Dynasty.  He's been growing his beard.  It was doing this weird curling thing Friday.  He told John and Hope he was growing it out for the wedding.  I could tell Hope was not thrilled but she's to nice to say anything mean.

I bought a groupon a few months ago for some canvas prints.  I finally ordered one.  I'd had a hard time finding a picture that I loved enough to commit to having it printed that large.  I've got two more to order.  I want one to be a family picture if we can ever get one.

Saturday morning was cold a rainy so we stayed in our pjs most of the morning.  I thought these sock monkey pjs were so cute.
He wore these sweet "baby legs" Saturday afternoon.  I almost died at the cuteness!

Barrett and I went to church this morning, Patrick had to work.  We made it almost halfway through Mass before we had to go to the cry room.  I like the cry room because you are with the other young couples with kids.  Its nice to have people to share this season of life with.  However, today was rough in there.  I'm almost positive that purgatory will resemble a cry room full of angry toddlers who have behaved as long as they could.  (It makes me scared for my future with a toddler.) 
Tonight Barrett was sucking on his thumb.  

We got the okay at the Dr. last week to start giving him cereal so we tried that for the first time tonight.  It was a hit.  He was so cute.  I couldn't feed it to him fast enough.  I'm excited to start this chapter.  I'm also sad that he's growing up so fast.  

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