Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mid May

I can't believe it's already May 18th.  We've been enjoying warmer, longer days around here.  Patrick is still on day shifts, which I am so thankful for. 
Sweet baby.

Last week we had a little playdate with Lorie and Elise.

She loves him.  It's so sweet seeing our kids together.

Almost every afternoon when we get home from work, Barrett lays in the middle of our bed we just talk and play with him.  Ally usually ends up there with us.  I thought this picture was cute of the two of them. 

One afternoon I put Barrett down for a nap and Patrick decided he would nap in the nursery.  He was snoring before I could even get the monitor turned on.  Barrett wasn't asleep yet and he had the most concerned look on his face.  He knew someone was in there but he couldn't see them.

We visited Nana and Grandaddy before they went to the beach.  He looks so little in the big swing.

He somehow got himself in this position today.

I took a break from sign making Friday and whipped up this cute tag for the front of my new car.

I bought this little bubble before Barrett was even born.  I love it.  I currently have an obsession with bubbles.  I think they are so cute on this little guy.  It's pretty much all I want to dress him in. 
I guess that's all for today. 

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