Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Lake Trip

Saturday morning, on Barrett's 5 month birthday, I loaded the car and the two of us headed to the lake.  (Patrick had to stay home to work.)  This was our first overnight trip.  I only thought I over packed before.  I had my 8 passenger SUV loaded down, for two people for two nights.  It was a little bit ridiculous.  I blame it on the fact that it was the first overnight trip.  I felt the need to pack pretty much everything we'd used at least once in the last 5 months.  Next time I know we don't need everything.

Saturday was my mom's birthday.  I wanted to get her a cake but I totally failed and got her a birthday muffin from the gas station.  I know, best daughter ever right here.  But I brought the grand baby so I think she forgave me.  I was glad we got to spend the say with her on her birthday.

Sweet boy was held nearly the entire time we were there.
(Which made for a delightful Tuesday)
He enjoyed the swing.
We played a little corn hole.  I'm not very good nor do I have the attention span to play an entire game.

Wearing Uncle John's hat.

He was a big fan of the shiny blue cans.  I should probably be concerned.

There was a full moon and it was beautiful.

Uncle Donald found Barrett his very own inner tube.

Cool guy.

Love my little man!
First Sunset cruise.  He wasn't a fan of the life jacket.
We celebrated Ryan's 27th birthday on the 27th.  (Well his actual birthday was the 27th we celebrated on the 26th).

Aunt Pam made a strawberry cake and it was delicious.

This was Monday morning.  This boy is so happy in the morning.  I would take my coffee to the deck and we'd just watch the water and he'd laugh and talk.  Ally had to be in my lap every minute of every day.  She seemed way more clingy this trip but everyone assured me she has always been that way.
I think Barrett enjoyed his first trip to the lake.  We didn't get into the water because it was so cold so maybe next trip.  I was so excited to share such a special place with my son.  Hopefully Patrick will get to join us next trip!

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