Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Ally Bama

This sweet girl is 5 years old.
I can hardly believe it.  It seems like yesterday we got her.
She was just a little fur ball.
She is the best dog and a great big sister.
I know she looks like an orphan.  Hopefully, she'll get a bath for her birthday.
Everyone was right, her role has definitely changed since Barrett arrived but we still love her.  She sleeps with us every night.  She gets up with me every time I get up with Barrett (luckily that's not to often these days).  She's seemed a little down lately, I think she's still adjusting to her new role.  Her favorite thing is when we put Barrett in the floor.  She will drag every toy out of her toybox over to him just hoping he'll play with her.  She is so sweet, she hates hearing him cry.  If he cries and we don't immediately jump to see what is wrong she starts crying too. 
She will always be our first "baby".  She taught us to take care of something other than ourselves.  I fully believe she has helped us become better parents.
Happy 5th birthday Ally, We love you!

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