Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"A Future King has been born"

So for the last week or so I've been a bit obsessed with the royal baby watch.  I was so excited when I found out Kate was pregnant that we were going to have babies in the same year, alas Barrett decided he didn't want to share his birth year with the prince.  Anyway, I've been glued to the TV {Internet} since I heard she'd gone into labor.  I'll never forget where I was while I watched the live footage of the royal birth announcement being placed on the golden easel just inside the palace gates. (I was nursing my own prince.)  Although in this day and age Twitter broke the news to me.  I've been so jealous of Kate's maternity style.  She always looks so effortlessly perfect.  I'd been stalking twitter today to catch the first glimpse of the new family.  I think my obsession has stemmed from the fact that just 7 months ago I was sitting in a hospital room patiently awaiting the birth of my first child.  No he wasn't a future king, but he was {and still is} our little prince.  I remember the emotion and excitement I felt.  I mean there were a few little differences.  As far as I know the paparazzi weren't camped out for weeks.  I didn't get to deliver in the posh Lindo Wing.  And I sure as hell didn't wear heels home. I'm taking notes for next time. ;)  

I thought they were absolutely precious on the steps of the hospital.  They looked like any other new parents.  Full of excitement.  I loved that she said becoming a mother was such an emotional experience.  That was something I was not prepared for, I thought I was but I wasn't.  I want to tell her that it's still an emotional experience.  Every time I look at Barrett I'm overcome with emotion.  It's an amazing feeling.
And I loved that the new Daddy drove them home...to the palace.  I mean they really are just like us! Ha!

How about this guy that basically crashed the royal baby announcement.

Such a sweet couple.  I hope they get to experience all the joys of parenthood. 

I can't help but think back to Barrett's birthday.  It was such a special time for me and my family.  I can't imagine giving birth to the future king  {I guess I can't really imagine being married to a future king either}.  It's really something to see the world gather to celebrate something so special.  I feel like so much of the news lately is negative and hard to watch.  I enjoyed seeing something happy for once.

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