Sunday, July 28, 2013

Barrett goes to College

For my birthday I wanted to take Barrett to Tuscaloosa and eat at hole in the wall that I'd heard about but never eaten at.  I wanted to take Barrett before football season started so I didn't have to worry about crowds and such.  We had a really nice day.  We left after lunch and took Uncle John his truck so he'd have both of his vehicles down there.  I was so excited to share my school with my son.  It's one of those things that I couldn't wait to do with my kids.  We went to the quad to take a few pictures before dinner.

Denny Chimes.  

Uncle John trying to show his muscles. Ha.

 I hope one day we have this same picture of him in a cap and gown in front of Denny Chimes.

Love this boy.

He sees his name!

I wanted to get his name and the year he was born.

This squirrel looked at me until I took his picture.  

Barrett sat in a big boy high chair for the first time.
We had dinner at Nicks in the Sticks.  It's this little building that has about 12 tables and makes the best steak you've ever eaten.  And it's cheap.  After dinner we went back to John's apartment and Barrett had dinner.  We headed home around 7:30.  Barrett slept the whole way home, when we got home I moved him from his car seat to the crib and he slept will 7:30 this morning.  That's the first time we've had a successful transfer from the car seat to the crib.

It was such a nice day.  I enjoyed sharing one of my favorite places with Barrett.  I also enjoyed spending the afternoon with John and Hope.  It made me so excited for football season. 

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emariemax said...

I was just talking about quad squirrels the other day. I miss ttown and I miss y'all!