Thursday, July 18, 2013

Family Photos

A few weeks ago we had some family photos made.  I was so excited to finally have some decent photos of all 3 of us.  I have been so sad that we didn't have any newborn photos done other than the ones in the hospital.  I wish I had more pictures of me with my tiny newborn baby.  I booked a mini session with Lacey Barnwell from LB Studios.  I love her work and was so excited to work with her.  I think she did a great job capturing our little family.
Here are a few photos from the session.

I love Barrett's eyebrow in this one.

I love them all so much!  

Hopefully it won't be another 6 months before I get a decent family photo!

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Ashley said...

Such great pics!! I know you must LOVE them. Lacey always does such a fabulous job!!