Friday, July 5, 2013

Barrett's First 4th of July

We usually go to the lake for the 4th but we didn't this year.  I'm kinda glad we didn't since the weather turned out to be less than favorable.  When we were younger we always went to my Mimi's house in Brookside.  The men grilled all day and the women made the sides.  My Mimi died 9 years ago, my uncle still lives in her house so we all headed down there for some ribs and hot dogs (and a bunch of other stuff my favorite being the watermelon and brownies).  This was Barrett's first trip to Brookside (that's what we always refer to my Mimi's house as.  Ex:  "If you're not doing anything tomorrow I'll be in Brookside if you want to come visit.")  I didn't really think about it being his first trip until we had already left or I would have made a bigger deal and taken more pictures.  My Mimi has a swing on the porch (which is really a sun room).  I can remember sitting with her out on that swing so many times.  We'd sit out there and watch the cars and listen for trains.  It was so surreal to sit out on that swing with my son.  So many kids have enjoyed that space and I was so special to share it with my own child. 

Uncle Donald gave Barrett some BBQ sauce.

He didn't hate it.

Love this picture!
After we left Brookside we met Patrick at my parents house.  My dad thankfully accepted our last minute request to watch Barrett so we could meet some of Patrick's friends from work to hear a band.  We had a fun time.  I got to meet a couple the guys that I'd heard so much about.  When I picked Barrett up they were sitting on the deck listening to the frogs and Barrett was mesmerized by the croaking.  It was funny to watch!

Here are some pictures of Barrett's red, white and blue outfits
Sweet smocked firecrackers for church on Sunday.

I made him this cute chevron flag shirt.

He's learned to blow bubbles in the last couple of weeks and he thinks it is hilarious.

Happy boy covered in spit.

I love this outfit.  It's one of my favorites! 

Love this one of my cousin Ryan and Barrett.  They were so happy to have their picture made!

Today we had Barrett's 6 month checkup.  He's growing great and had to get 4 shots.  Patrick had to work so I went by myself.  I hate having hold him down for the shots and it just gets worse the older he gets.

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