Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Night

We had a really fun Halloween night.  We love our neighborhood for trick-or-treating so we invited some friends to join us.  I was so worried about the weather.  We were supposed to get rain and storms at some point but it was a guessing game as to when it would begin.  When everyone arrived we set out, it was sprinkling but the kids did not care.  The other kids were older than Barrett so they actually went door to door, Barrett just rode around in his stroller and he was perfectly happy.  
My little monkey and me before our guests arrived.

Oh my word, he's cute.

My mums are still alive.

I can't get enough.  Patrick's parents came by before everyone arrived.  Barrett had just woken up from his nap and this was the face he gave them.  He would not smile for anything.

Two Spidermen and a sweet little minion.

Our family complete with our monkey and banana.

This was the whole group (minus Natalie's 2 month old, she stayed with my parents)

The kids hit about 10 houses before we called it a night.  We had so much fun.  My parents came to hand out candy while we were out.  I mean to get a picture of them with Barrett before they left but of course I didn't.  When we got back the kids ate as much candy as their momma's would let them and we ate and talked.   I loved it.  I'm hoping we'll make it our Halloween tradition.  Maybe even add a costume contest and a hayride next year.  

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