Sunday, November 17, 2013

Photo dump

We had the best weekend doing absolutely nothing.  I had not one thing planned for Saturday and ended up staying in my pjs nearly all day long, it was glorious.  Patrick had to work and I got my closet cleaned up and all my laundry done and put away.  (I'd been living out of hamper baskets for probably a month or so.  It was getting ridiculous)
These pictures are from the whole week.
He loves this little football.  
I was feeding him breakfast one morning and he started acting like he was choking but he was breathing.  I didn't panic and got him out of the high chair.  He started vomiting the bottle he'd just taken and I found this piece of paper in the debris.  He had apparently swallowed it while I wasn't looking.  So thankful it wasn't anything worse.

This sweet girl has not enjoyed the cold weather we had last week.

Static hair.  
He loves dinner time. (And I love this picture of him)
We are in full on 1st birthday planning around here.  Just a little sneak peek at one of my favorite parts.

Dressed like a big boy in he little sweater and jeans.  I love to dress him like a baby but I also think he looks so cute dressed like a little man.

I could die he's so cute.

He loves chicken & dumplins.
Ready for church this morning.  I love this sweet owl outfit his Aunt Lorie got for him.  

We are starting to be able to eat dinner as a family now that Barrett is eating table food and can feed himself.  It's my favorite part of the day.  We watched a lot of football and some Christmas movies.  Auburn won on one heck of a hail mary pass and Alabama survived a game that should have been easy to set up the most epic Iron Bowl of all time.  I'm not sure my nerves can handle it.  We may have to watch the game at seperate locations.  Luckily we have two weeks to worry about that.  Barrett and I went to church this morning and then had lunch with my parents and younger brother and soon to be sister in law.  I'm so thankful for a laid back weekend before the hustle and bustle of the season is upon us.

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