Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Barrett Meets Santa

The past few years we've gone with my nieces and nephews to see Santa at the Bass Pro Shops.  We love the set up they have there and we love that they let you take pictures with your own camera.  We went back and forth about what we were going to do this year but the Bass Pro Shop won out.  My brother had already taken his kids so it was just Patrick, Barrett and me this year.  We got there at just the right time and had to wait about 5 minutes.  (When we were leaving the wait was a lot longer!)
This was also another thing I couldn't wait to cross off my list of "things I can't wait to do with my kids"!
I was pretty sure Barrett wasn't going to be a fan.  He's not fond of strangers and he's a mama's boy.  He didn't even want his daddy to hold him in line.

I think he wanted to pull his beard.

Not a fan.

We got him before he started full out crying.

They also have a little carousel for the kids.  Barrett was unsure at first but liked it.  He looks so big in these pictures.

This is a terrible picture but I want it on here for my memory.  As we were riding 'round and 'round, my eyes were full of tears.  Tears of joy.  I'm so happy to be his mom.  I'm so happy that I get to experience all these little things as a mom.  I've been doing this for years as an aunt and loving it.  But there is nothing like taking your own child.  I'm a little sad that this year has gone by so very fast but we've had a ball.  Some days it doesn't feel like real life.  I can remember when I was younger how I couldn't wait to be married and have a family.  Now I do.  I am honestly living my dreams right now.  Is it always easy? No.  Perfect? No.  Beautiful? Absolutely!  It's my life and some days I can't believe I'm this blessed!


Amy Price said...

This made me tear up- reading how much you love being a mom. I love it too- I have just never put it in writing. I creid like a baby singing "happy birthday" to C at his first party. I am sure you will do the same at Barrett's.

This next year is going to be amazing in terms of how much he learns and how quickly he starts talking. I am amazed every single day at something Coleman says. Just the other day we were driving home at sunset and he pointed and said "pretty sky". This made my heart melt that he sees beauty. I wanted to cry right there. I just love reading your blog- it is like reading my own thoughts on motherhood. I just love it. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

LorieGiv said...

I cried reading this! When we were at the beach this summer, we let Elise ride the little car ride at Pier Park. It just goes around in a little circle, but the attendant wouldn't let us stay inside the fence with her. Joseph buckled her in the car and we watched from outside the fence. She waved to us each time she came around and I cried my eyes out! It's hard to believe that little things like carousel and car rides can bring such big emotions, but they do. I love your precious boy and all of your stories!