Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Happenings!

Here are the last few days of outfits!  
Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15
(Not really a Christmas outfit but it was his birthday party outfit and the first time he wore it!)

Day 16

Day 17
These aren't really Christmas but I had a little laundry disaster so they had to do for the night.  I mean they did have penguins.

Day 18

We've been falling behind on our Advent calendar activity list.  We've enjoyed reading the scripture each night but the activities have taken a back seat and I'm okay with that.  Lets be honest it was mostly for me this year anyway.  We have enjoyed breakfast for dinner and chose an angel off the angel tree at church.  

Today we had a fun play date with some new friends.   Okay they aren't really new friends.  Anna and I have known each other for a long time.  I graduated high school with her older sister and she graduated with my little sister.  Her boy is 6 months old and a doll.  Anna's friend Blair also came with her sweet little Halloween baby.  She was so tiny and adorable.  I didn't take any pictures but here are a couple Anna took of Barrett.
He was fascinated by Anna's tree.  He hasn't really bothered our tree but he wanted to take everything off hers.
He was tired from all his playing.
Being a bully and stealing Drake's paci.  He is such a stinker.

This was the other day trying to get one of his birthday toys out of the box!
We've had such a great week.  I can't believe we're only a week away from Christmas.  I was thinking earlier that this time last year I was only a week away from meeting Barrett and I was clueless.  I can't believe that is has already been a year!

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