Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Barrett's Winter ONEderland Party {Part 2}

These are mostly of Barrett eating cake.  In fact I've probably included way to many but they were all so dang cute!
All these people are here to see me!?!

Love my little family!

Singing Happy Birthday, he's not to sure about the attention.

It didn't take him long to dig in.

I love these pictures!

You can kind of tell just how much of the cake he ate.

These are my favorite pictures of the day.

I think he would have eaten the entire smash cake if we'd let him!

He had to have a bath in the sink.

He was eating the cake off the side of the sink.

Oh my goodness I love those chubby cheeks!

My sister kept the hot chocolate filled and I'm so thankful for her.  

I had to include these awesome runway-esque shots!

A close up of the sign at the sign in table.

He wasn't very interested in opening gifts.  Since we've unpacked them at home he's been way more into them.

My parents got him these cute chairs with an elephant on the back.

He was partied out by this point! ha!

My sweet friends.  (You can also see the huge pictures of Barrett in the background.)

I'm so sad the party is over.  I had so much fun planning and working on all the little details!  I loved watching him dig into that cake.  He kept looking up at me and smiling, it was such a sweet moment that I kind of want to give him a cupcake everyday just to watch him eat it.  I loved having so many of our family and friends there to celebrate with us.  I really thought I'd be more emotional than I was.   I loved celebrating our little guy so much.  Now we're enjoying our last few days with our baby before he turns a year old.

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