Friday, January 9, 2015

2 year check up and the lost lovie

On Tuesday, Barrett had his 1 year check-up.  I had been dreading it all day.  It was in the middle of naptime and we had to ride two elevators so I knew it was going to be less than pleasant.  We parked and as we were getting out of the car I was throwing a few diapers in my purse and a car for him to play with.  Barrett insisted on taking his lovie bear blanket thing.  Normally I'd make him leave it in the car but I knew we were riding the elevator (which he hates) and that he was going to get shots so I figured I'd let him take it.  That proved to be a mistake...
We get to the elevator and as soon as the doors open Barrett starts crying and holding on to me as tight as he can.  We get off that elevator and then have to get on another one to take us to the ped's office.  We were waiting for the second elevator and he was crying and pushing trying to get away from me.  He was pitiful on the ride up and was fine once we got off. 
We walked in and got signed in and waited for our name to be called.  It didn't take long and we headed back.  Barrett had been playing with a car in the waiting room that I'd brought and he insisted on walking back to the exam room.  I never thought about the lovie once we got out of the car.  They quickly get his height and weight and the doctor comes in.  Everything looks good.  He's pleased with his progress especially in his speech and communication.  He gets two shots and we're sent on our merry way.
He cried because of the shots and then he started crying again while we were walking down the hall towards the elevator.  He cried all the way to the car.  It was pitiful.  It was when I got to the car that I realized we didn't have the lovie.  I quickly called up to the doctors office to see if they'd found one but they were closed for the day.  I sat in the car and debated dragging him back up the terrifying elevators to see if I could find it.  I couldn't remember him having it at all at the doctors office.  We were with people in each elevator and I think they would notice if he dropped it.  I was so upset.  Barrett was upset.  It was not a fun ride home.  Patrick got on amazon and ordered another one.  We were both dreading bedtime.  We have another little lovie that's an elephant that he liked okay but he preferred the bear.  Thankfully, Tuesday night he got the elephant and never acted like he missed the bear.    It hasn't been as bad as I thought.  He's adopted the elephant and seems happy with it.  At this point I think I'm more upset than he is.  That lovie was something I planned on keeping forever. 
The new one should be here today but I haven't decided if I'm going to let Barrett have it or not.  I may keep it all to myself.

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