Thursday, January 8, 2015

Horton House Daily: Week 1

I few years ago I challenged myself to post a picture on my blog everyday.  I was exhausting.  I completed it but I decided I'd never do it again.  When I went to have my blog book printed that year it wouldn't all fit in one book so I've never had it printed and I haven't had one printed since.  (I'm really behind).  I loved the idea but my blog was not the place to post it everyday so I decided I would try it again this year and post them on instagram.  I'm using the hasttag #hortonhousedaily2015 if you want to follow along.  I'm going to post them here one a week.

Day 1:  We watched the Sugar Bowl at Matt's house.  We lost but Barrett didn't mind.  He was so good and so cute.
Day 2:  I got to visit Olivia, Lorie, Joseph and Elise.  I hadn't seen the baby since she was born.  She was so sweet.
Day 3:  We celebrated Eli's 1st birthday at a "Monster Bash".  It was such a cute theme.  The first time I tried to get Barrett's picture with the prop he tried to climb through it.  It was hilarious.
Day 4:  Barrett dressed like a big boy for church.  He and daddy matched.  He looked so cute but I'm not ready for him to look like a teenager everyday.
Day 5:  Barrett went back to school.  His teacher said he fell while he was dancing on top of a wedge mat.  I thought it was hilarious and wish I could have seen him dancing.  I also started the week of leopard. It's freezing here so I'm trying to cheer myself up by wearing leopard everyday.
Day 6:  We were busy this day.  A friend came to play at the office, I wore one of my favorite leopard tunics, a friend brought me some coffee and we had Barrett's 2 year check up. (where we lost his lovie but that is getting its own post)
Day 7:  Another day, another leopard selfie.  We worked all day on samples for Signs of Sophie.  It was a fun day.

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