Thursday, January 22, 2015

Horton House Daily: Week 3

I didn't intend for this to be my only post each week but we haven't been doing anything terribly exciting lately.  Hopefully that'll change.

Day 15:  I found Barrett with a spoon in hand devouring what was left of Steven's brownie after lunch.  That boy loves sweets

Day 16:  This was a fun one.  We went to "Toddler Time" at the library.  It was cray cray.  There were so many kids.  Barrett was a little overwhelmed.  After Barrett went to bed I met some friends at Jessica's salon for another spray tan party.  I'm an addict.  Patrick is checking into 12 step programs for my spray tan addiction.  When I got home Sam and Gracie were cuddled up together in the basement.  They are so sweet.
Day 17:  We finally had a pretty, warm day so we headed to the park with the rest of Gardendale.  Barrett had a blast and went down the big slides.  He's growing way to fast.

Day 18:  We celebrated a birthday at the Horton's.  I caught this sweet moment between Barrett and his cousin Tripp (who is 12 and just the sweetest to play with Barrett). 

Day 19:  I almost forgot and quickly posted this selfie of Barrett before I went to bed.

Day 20:  We went on a random trip to Tuscaloosa and drove through campus.  It's just beautiful.  I loved seeing all the students heading to and from class.  Sometimes I wish my time there hadn't passed so quickly.
Day 21:  We went to visit my grandmother.  She and Barrett enjoyed playing on their toys out in the driveway.  My uncle got my grandmother that cart for her to use when she's working in the yard.  Barrett was terrified of it.  But he loved pushing his car all over the yard.
So there's a look at week three of 2015.  I'm excited for this year!  Barrett is at a really fun age.  I was talking to another mom friend yesterday and we were talking about all the things we wanted to do with the boys this summer.  It made me so excited for warm weather to be here to stay!

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