Friday, November 6, 2009

Gameday Preview

This is the week.  Rival LSU will arrive in Tuscaloosa with their game faces on.  They'll bring all their obnoxious fans in their tacky outfits.  It will be a battle.  I'm nervous.  The Tigers hate the Tide with a passion they feel that we have "stolen" their coach (even though they've won a National Chamionship with Les Miles) and they are always out for revenge.   Last year it was an overtime win for the tide.  2007 was a late fumble by the Tide that set the tigers up for the game winning TD.  It's always a close game. I'm so excited, nervous, and  anxious.  As soon as I get of work I'm heading to Tuscaloosa.  I'm so excited I can't stand it!  I heard a stat that Alabama hasn't beaten the Tigers at home in 10 years10 years!!! Needless to say I'm ready!  The tailgate theme this week is Rajun Cajun.  We'll have gumbo, muffalattas, maybe jambalya.  I'm making Texas Caviar. (not really cajun but it'll work!). 
Roll Tide Roll!!!


Brandi said...

I am nervous too. I wish I was going to Tuscaloosa. My husband is going without me. I was at that game in '07 it was crazy. Your tailgate food sounds delish. Roll Tide and Beat thouse Tigers!!!

Becca's Dirt said...

ROLL TIDE!!! Sounds like a fun time and a good game of course Bama wins.