Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Festivites

We had a very nice holiday.  As I've stated before, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love that there is no pressure, you just show up to eat.  We went to my Grandmother's house ( She is my Dad's mom and the only living Grandparent I have left).  She has a lot of property so my brothers brought their 2 dirt bikes, go cart, and four-wheeler.  We had a ball riding everything. 
Patrick being a kid again.

Drew the actualy kid

My brothers, Patrick (left), John (right).

Ava and Harper SITTING in the go cart. Harper really wanted to drive

John striking a pose

Patrick and Leslie! Aren't they so sweet!

Thursday night we went to Patrick's parents house and everything was so yummy.  She cooked for an army ( and there are only 12 of us).  It was wonderful.  We just sat and visited with them.  THe men watched football and the women talked Christmas shopping.  Patrick had to leave there early to go to work.  When I left there I went to my parents house to spend the night and talk shopping strategy. 
It was such a nice day.  I love getting to spend time with our families.  I just hated that Patrick had to work.

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