Saturday, November 14, 2009

Season of Thankfulness: Day 4

It may seem a bit silly to be thankful for a sport.  I love football.  I love the fact that my entire family will gather to watch football whenever we can.  I love that growing up fall weekends didn't happen without football.  My parents at one time went to at least 3 football games a week.  For as long as I remember we went to at least one game every weekend.  My older brother played little league football, then he played high school.  I cheered for his little league team then I continued to cheer when he played in high school.  Then I cheered from eighth grade through high school.  My sister did the same.  Then my baby brother played from junior high on.  When I went to Alabama my family started coming down for the games.  It's not just a game it's a tradition with us.  So not only am I thankful for the game but for the memories.

(The family minus my big brother at an Alabama game)
It also doesn't hurt that my team is doing well.  The whole time I was in school we weren't that good.  Each year we would proclaim that "this is our year" only to find out that it wasn't!  The season after I graduate we go to the SEC Championship game.  And we'll be there again in a few weeks. 

(Meet the Rockets my sister's senion year, brothers sophomore year)

(Even on Halloween 3 out of 4 of us were football players)
(My sister is the Chiquita Banana lady)

(Sister and I after we beat Vandy 2007)

(Sister and I after we beat Arkansas 2007)

(After we beat Auburn 2008)

(After we beat  Kentucky 2009)

 I wish I had some photos from when we played/cheered little league, junior high, and for me and my big brother highschool.  I'll have to see if I can dig some out and scan them.  They are pretty hilarious!

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