Saturday, November 28, 2009

Iron Bowl Review

What a game! I mean WOW! My sweet, die hard Auburn fan husband fell asleep during the pregame (He had worked a 16 hour night and didn't get home until noon). He woke up into the first quarter and the Tigers had already scored once and were driving for their second score. 14-0, seriously. He looked at the TV and then looked at me in a daze and asked me if he was dreaming. Yeah, more like a nightmare for me! He was so excited but trying not to gloat. I was so mad. I could feel him gloating on the inside. It was an awful feeling. But DO NOT FEAR here came my Tide to score, and then score again, 14 unanswered points. 14-14 AND, WE'RE BACK IN THE GAME! Thank you football angels!!! Now it's half time and I think I'm going to be sick. I really don't like these close games. I feel so helpless. Auburn gets the ball first. They eventually score making it 21-14. Okay boys you know what you've got to do. Two Tiffin field goals later 20-21 okay boys thats great and all but we're still losing. (lLuckily sweet, die hard Auburn husband had gone to bed at halftime and was still sleeping like a baby.) We got the ball back with 8:27 left to play. We need a long drive to eat up the clock and then a TOUCHDOWN. Well 80 yards and 7 minutes later bama came up with 6. Two-point attempt intercepted. Yikes! 26-21 They have 1:24 to score a touchdown. This is where I wake up sweet, diehard Auburn husband. They come up short.
BAMA WINS! HOLY CRAP! WE WON! Champion's find a way to win!

Alabama 26 - Auburn 21

Roll Tide Roll!

Next week we're heading to Atlanta to play for the SEC Chamionship against the Florida Gators.  It'll be a battle.  We've got to make some serious adjustments but we'll be ready to play!

Our Iron Bowl pregame festivities! We're really exciting people!