Friday, November 20, 2009

Season of Thankfulness: Day 10 & Show Us Your Life

Today is show us your pets over at Kelly's Korner.  So I thought I'd just make my sweet dogs what I'm thankful for today!
Our Pets
Mainly our sweet puppy Ally Bama! We love all 3 of our dogs but I'd be lying if I said we didn't spoil Ally just a bit.  We have a yellow lab, Sam, a black lab, Gracie and then a tiny toy poodle Miss Ally Bama.  Patrick had Sam and I had Gracie when we got married and they are like best friends now.  Gracie and I have been through a lot together.  I got her for Christmas my senior year of high school.  She survived being hit by a car when she was about 5 months old.  I was the one who hit her (talk about traumatic!).  She can to college with me my sophomore year ( I lived in a dorm my freshmen year).  Then she and my roommate didn't get along so she went back home.  They stay in the yard during the day and then we bring them in at night. 

Ally is my baby.  We I got her after we'd been married about 5 months.  Patrick works nights and I was lonely. I wanted something that would keep me company while he was at work. That is exactly what she does.  She is glued to me all the time.  Patrick wasn't really crazy about the idea of getting an inside dog but I insisted.  He realized I was lonely and we both knew we weren't ready for a baby.  So one day I came home from work and told him I'd found a puppy in the paper and I was going to look at her.  I brought her home that day!  She goes to work with me every day.  She pretty much goes everywhere we go.  I never understood people that got so attached to dogs.  Boy do I get it now.  Even Patrick loves the little thing.  He lets her sleep in the bed with us and she usually ends up with her head on his pillow right between us.  It really is the sweetest thing.
The day we got her. (she weighed 2.5lbs)

Tailgating in Tuscaloosa.

Our Christmas Card photo last year.

In front of the Christmas Tree for her First Christmas.

Ally's first snow!
Ally's First Birthday.

In the Magnolia Festival Pooch Parade (she was voted People's Choice)

Riding in the boat at the lake!

Helping daddy grill hamburgers

Watching Sportscenter with Daddy!

Halloween 2009

(She finally weighs 5lbs)
Hop on over to Kelly's Korner and join us to see a whole bunch of cute pets. 

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Your puppies are precious!